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Adult male using Speech to Speech services to talk o the phone.

Speech-to-Speech (STS)

877-735-7877 for English 
800-520-7309 for Spanish

This service is designed for people who have a speech difficulty or those who use an assistive voice device.

With Speech-to-Speech (STS), you can call anyone on the phone. A communications assistant ensures that you will be heard and understood.

No special equipment is needed!

This relay service is available in English-to-English, Spanish-to-Spanish and Spanish-English/English-Spanish Translation.

The TRS Customer Profile allows you to store your relay call preferences and helps speed up call processing.

How does Speech-to-Speech (STS) work?

It’s straightforward!

Just dial 711 (or 877-735-7877 for English, 800-520-7309 for Spanish-to-Spanish or English-to-Spanish/Spanish-to-English Translation) and ask for a Speech-to-Speech communications assistant.

Provide the area code and telephone number of the person you wish to call. The communications assistant will dial the number and connect you to the other party.


You speak on your phone directly to the other party while the communications assistant listens.


The communications assistant repeats your spoken words to the other party as needed for clarity.


The other party talks directly you.

Collage of images showing the steps for Speech to Speech services.

Video: How does a Speech-to-Speech (STS) call work - Andy's Story

Here’s how a STS user, Andy, communicates with standard phone users.